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     (3) a description of how your program will address the justice issue that makes your 
         program necessary, including the specific Social Principle you program addresses.

Note that a final report of program expenses and project outcome is required of grant recipients
when the project is completed or the funds spent.

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Submit completed form to the Church & Society Work Team:   Rev. David Goss,  
First United Methodist Church, 34 S. Second Street, Easton, PA 18042-3659 
E-mail:  revdavegoss @ enter.net   
For further information, contact
Dave Goss: First United Methodist Church, 34 S. Second Street, Easton, PA 18042; 
Phone: Church 610-258-0371; FAX: 610-258-5330;  E-mail: revdavegoss @ enter.net.
or Barbara Drake (Church and Society chairperson) Bedrake15 @ aol.com, 610-446-1394.

Note that ordinarily the grant approval process requires several months.  Application 
deadlines are March 31st and October 1st for our fall and spring approval cycles.
Also, applications should be received at least three months before funds are required.

Guidelines for Peace with Justice Expenditures

Eastern Pennsylvania Conference
United Methodist Church

Background: The annual Peace with Justice offering is evenly divided between the Peace and Justice (PwJ) fund administered by the General Board of Church and Society, and the Annual Conference Peace and Justice fund. According to the U.M. Discipline, "Peace with Justice witnesses to God's demand for a faithful, just, disarmed, and secure world."; the Discipline further provides that the Conference PwJ funds be administered by the Annual Conference Board of Church and Society or equivalent structure. The Church and Society Work Team is guided by the United Methodist Social Principles. The approval process for grant applications typically requires about one to three months, depending on the meeting schedule of the Church and Society Work Team

General Guidelines: Expenditures shall be approved by the Church and Society Work Team (CSWT) at the recommendation of the Peace with Justice Coordinator. Ordinarily, allocations for any one program or project will not exceed $2,000.

Programs may be initiated by the Church and Society Work Team or other Conference agencies, or by local church or District groups. Programs initiated by a community group must demonstrate a significant involvement of United Methodist individuals and/or churches.

In the local church, the Church and Society work area or equivalent committee would usually be expected to be involved in such programs or projects.

Each program applying for Peace with Justice grants must define and describe its strategies for addressing the justice issue inherent in the program it is establishing.

Applications must include a description of the program or project and a budget.
(Activities to be funded must be consistent with United Methodist Social Principles.*)

Prior to approval of a proposal, an on-site visit by the PwJ Coordinator will be made to the project.

A final report at the conclusion of the project will be sought by the Peace with Justice Coordinator. It will recite how funds were spent; whether the project did or did not achieve its purpose and goals; what the project plans for the future, and how Peace with Justice can be instrumental in their plans for the future.

Type of Activities: Funded activities should usually involve training, resourcing, or support of Peace with Justice programs or projects within a local United Methodist congregation or group of churches. This may include Local church, District, or Conference workshops or training sessions, follow-up consultation, or purchase of resource materials.

Peace with Justice funding may be appropriate for programs which involve education, advocacy, political action and Biblical witness in areas such as: Peace with Justice funding may be appropriate for programs which involve education, advocacy, political action and Biblical witness.** Preference will be given to programs which:

  1. Seek alternatives to violence and its causes,
  2. Support alternatives to war and militarism,
  3. Shape economic and social policies that promote economic justice and the self-development of peoples.
  4. Promote restorative justice, including abolition of the death penalty

Applications for funding are available from the Peace with Justice Coordinator, the Church and Society Work Team, or the EPC Conference Office. Applications should be submitted by March 31 (spring) or October 1 (fall). Deadline for fall 2003 is extended to October 15, 2003.

*The Social Principles are included in the United Methodist Discipline, or available from from the Peace with Justice Coordinator, the Church and Society Work Team, the EPC Conference Office, or on the web at www.umc-gbcs.org/sp.htm.

**In light of the urgent need to address increased militarism, violence, conflict, and injustice in our nation and throughout the world, traditional day camp and after school programs will no longer be eligible for these grants. Note that these examples, including abolition of capital punishment, reflect the United Methodist Social Principles and other legislation adopted by both the Annual and General Conferences.

Revised February, 2004.